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How knowing are you, fire bird;
You who lived a hundred years?
What have you learned and heard
Of mortals and their fears?
How happy are you, fire bird;
You who've flown a hundred years?
What distant lands have you known
And is it worth your tears?
And how lonely are you, fire bird;
When fire claims your hundred years?
And would you sell the things you've learned
To have someone who holds you dear?
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The Invisible Bright Orange Ferret
I wipe away the dust of sleep from my eyes. Mornings always make me feel unsettled. Dully, my body like mud, I pulled my way out of bed. It was like a struggle. Every step away from the soft, welcoming mattress would initiate its cries. I could hear it, the bed, calling to me. Come back! Come to us! We have cookies! Well bugger, I thought as I reluctantly ignored their pleas. It was tempting yes but the dark side doles out chocolate chip and I’ve their work to do. I have a piece I have to write. Creative non-fiction. That is after I stop feeling lazy.
It beckoned to me, my computer, that place of work and play. I was not crazy. I knew what I had to do. I sat down and immediately opened a game. What can I say? I had all the time in the world and besides; I did not quite know how to begin my work.
Perhaps the biggest marvel of the Internet is that other people are there. Hello, I know you’re there. You can’t see me and I can’t
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Will it End in Ice and Fire?
Will it End in Ice and Fire?
Will it be ice and fire
That ends the world in the twelfth hour?
Will the Earth sing its final knell?
Or, in the end, will there be no bells?
No keening sounds or sudden warning,
No possible way to give time to mourning.
Will the doomsday clock move to eleven?
Or will we not be allowed that small heaven?
That one small window to change our ways,
That one last chance to extend our days.
What if the world were to end in void?
So quick. So fast. We can't avoid.
Perhaps it is true that it will end out loud
Or perhaps, when it ends, there will be no sound.
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Mature content
Trickster :iconmalaikah:Malaikah 0 0
Natural Disaster
Natural Disaster
The storm came without warning,
Ripping everything not bolted down,
And some of the things that were,
From where they stood,
Scattering them about like rags.
The aftermath of the passing was incredible
The walls I carefully built around my home
Were rendered into itty bitty bits of rubble
Leaving me without any pretense to defense.
But what horrified,
And, yet, inspired awe,
In me was what it took,
Not what it destroyed.
For when I searched, I found,
Was that all she took was my heart.
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I pull my arms back and stare at her,
As if a shy lover, waiting for consent.
But consent for what? To violate her with my touch?
She is already there before me, her presence her assent.
She is waiting. Looking at me brightly.
Pure. White. White. White.
There is no coyness,
No pretense at embarrassment.
There is just the blinking impatience
Of one waiting to be used,
Waiting to be painted
In every color,
Painted with violence
And joy
And peace
And sorrow
And everything
In between
And in extreme.
I feel a lump form in my throat.
I haven’t the words, I realize and I tell her so
But she says and does nothing.
She just waits, blinking blankly all the while.
Given no other choice, I reach out.
My fingers tremble as I touch her,
Each finger pressing the right keys,
Filling her and marring her whiteness.
And with each succession of contact,
A word is formed
Followed by a sentence
And then a string of paragraphs
Until finally a story is finished
Late in the night, in fou
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You should've been there
And necromancy may or may not have been involved...
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Death on the Street
Death on the Street
Little skeleton with his scythe and robes
Standing on a street corner
Between Matapang and Kalayaan
Watching the stoplight, waiting for red
Before crossing the street
Going wherever it is he's supposed to go.
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And we basked in dreams and little things, dancing beneath hope’s light,
(For in the foolishness of hope we thought that love could brave all heights),
And made sweet murmurs in our sleep for every welcome dream,
(For in dream’s delusion did we believe that we were never mean),
And felt the heat within our blood for the little things we’ve said.
(For drunk in love we never saw our hearts turned numb then dead).
I love you with all my heart, my dear, and cherish your precious name,
(I love you with all my heart, my dear, though I hate you all the same),
And in my heart I know, my love, that we would last forever,
(And in my heart I know, my love, that we would lose each other),
And in my heart you will remain, my sweetest inspiration,
(And in my heart you still remain in painful desecration).
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Lethe flows before me:
A white noise, that of water free,
Green grass, the smell of earth,
Fresh water—all I see.
The sight—I am breathless,
The water is clear and beautiful,
Yet I am hesitant—afraid,
But I will not leave.
The river, inviting,
Tranquil water, clear blessing,
I am thirsty. I wish to drink,
The water is refreshing.
Oh river of decay,
Shadows have chased me,
Your offer for escape, I hear:
Come. Drink. Forget.
Sweet oblivion take me.
Currents, sweep me,
Lest I lose all eternity,
Taken from me by enmity.
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A Homage...
A Homage To Absence And To Beginnings And Endings As Well (For They Are Important Too)
She is a radiant comet, a fire burning bright whose passing quotes the sky above. Dizzying in her course; she mesmerizes me with her speed and grace as she dances, the protagonist supported—as was just—by the stars around her. She does not wane but rather waxes—a breathtaking sight.
I am beneath her. Helpless to do anything except watch on from afar. On her perch on the sky, I am probably a sorry thing, pathetic in spirit and insignifcant in size and yet there exists no other person who knows well how special she is save I. For she once gave me her boon, sharing her joy with me and I was content and then shattered when I lost her three years gone. Yet she is a part of me still and her memory will remain five (cinq in the French she so loved) years more if not forever.  
Only from afar may I now look upon her visage. Only from afar, hungrily—like a vulture, taking
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A Drabble Written by a Writer
The writer wrote a drabble about a writer who was writing a drabble about a writer who was writing a drabble about a writer and he too was writing a drabble and I am stopping here because I believe you get the idea that this goes on and on and if I keep going through each writer and what he wrote about then I’ll reach 100 words without reaching the end and I still have to say that the chain eventually broke when the last writer wrote about dragons instead—and I just gave away the ending, didn’t I? Oops…
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Fuel by Malaikah Fuel :iconmalaikah:Malaikah 0 3
Annabel Lee
How long has it been? How many hours? How many days? How many months? I sighed, feeling the burden of grief wear down on me. It was cold and I huddled in the dark, desperately trying to keep myself warm but I would not leave. Not tonight. Not any night. Here I am bound—bound to the place where forever she lay.
Moonlight shone through. The pale glow reminded me of her smooth skin. The sea whispered to me tantalizingly. I never heard the sound of the eternal waves but rather her sighs and sweet nothing. Even now she spoke to me often, my Annabel Lee.
I remember often our happiest moment. We were both young then. She barely fourteen and I only slightly older but we were both so deeply in love. She was beautiful in her robes. She was beautiful in everything and I was much envied by everyone. She was absolutely radiant that day! Our wedding! Oh our wedding! That was a happy time but all happy times are past now.
The wind blew suddenly. It was a cold sharp wind. Was it lamenting with me
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Two Legends
~Flower Buds~
A long time ago, the goddess lived amongst the humans in her own house by the lake. Everyone revered her and they regularly gave her offerings and left her alone, deigning only to approach her in need or when she wished for their company.
She enjoyed festivals and often came and she would dance with all the young men of the village and many amongst them fell in love with her but dared not approach her for who had the courage to court a goddess?
But one day, fed up with yearning, someone boasted that he would make the goddess his. He gathered all his courage and approached the goddess’ cottage by the lake. When she answered the door, he fell to his knees offering her flowers and promises of love. The goddess was taken aback. No one had ever asked for her hand before and her heart warmed for this man who stood before her and she accepted his love.
And they wed on the month after. The wedding was grand for the entire village had helped in the celebration but ther
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On Death, The First Born
She is the beginning and the end. She was born so that all may die, born so that she may die. She was the first whose purpose was death. She was the first because Death must always be the beginning of everything.
And yet a child was she, small and innocent and perhaps all too aware of her lot. For, while encased in void, she let out a squall that pierced the shadows. Light heard, and move by pity came to her side. And Light, the sun, knew that because of this she too was doomed to die and though it troubled her, she would not forsake the child.
And Light did watch over her from the heavens and when some pressing errand overtook her she would task her son to this duty. But the son feared the child and though he looked from afar there were days when his courage would falter. And thus were there days when he would stand vigil throughout the dark and days where he could bear reveal only a part of his being in his perch from the sky and there were days where he would not reveal himself at a
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